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Shower Remodeling Tips – Glass Vs Clay

Are you looking for some shower remodeling ideas? Remodeling a shower is one of the most popular projects in home improvement. And one of the most popular projects is the construction and/or renovation of a new shower or bath. There are many companies specializing in complete bathroom redesigning and/or construction including: AHrens, Bestor, Diamond contractors, Dennis Home Interiors, Earlsprings, Inc., GNC, Herrmann, Sundridge Construction, and Wells Fargo. The list is pretty much unending. But there is one company that has really jumped into the shower remodeling niche with an emphasis on innovation and creative thinking, even if it means eliminating a few shower fixtures: Las Vegas Bathroom Remodeling Trends.

Layers One of the biggest problems with traditional DIY shower remodeling (sometimes called “diy”) is that the walls often become worn and/or cracked. This can present a serious problem in that sometimes you have to replace entire walls in order to repair what’s broken. And if the shower pan is a piece of the wall, the cost is significantly higher because there is a solid wall supporting the rest of the shower. The “diy” shower remodeling trend is to use vinyl on both the walls and the shower pan in order to alleviate this issue and allow you to continue using your shower without too much trouble.

Cultured Stone It wasn’t too long ago when everyone was trying to recreate the shower pan. And while the shower pan remains a traditional part of the shower, the surrounding walls have evolved. Many shower replacement company are now offering a variety of shower pan materials ranging from ceramic tile to cultured stone and everything in between. If you’re interested in doing a DIY shower remodeling project you should definitely consider stone because not only is it durable and easy to work with, but the cultured stone comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns that allow you to easily coordinate your entire bathroom. Plus, a cultured stone shower pan is typically sealed so that water damage or stains is nearly impossible.

Tile Grout If you want to create a modern look and are tired of looking at the traditional ceramic tile or marble shower wall panels, then grout may be the solution for you. Traditional grout was white and was often difficult to match between two different tiles. But, more recent tile grouting systems allow you to create a white grout that is semi-translucent allowing you to match both tiles and shower pan seamlessly. Grout can also be sealed to help protect your investment and is a simple way to bring a classic shower closer in line with current trends. And don’t worry; you can always change back to grout if you find something better.

Glass Block While some people are content to let the walls of their shower remain untouched, others want to replace the shower door and glass blocks in their shower to create a more contemporary look. You can achieve either result by replacing the shower doors and glass block with a glass block shower. A glass block shower is a great way to add a bold new personality to a bathroom while still preserving the integrity of the shower itself. These showers are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and shapes. And if you are in the process of renovating an existing bathroom and would like to replace the shower as well, a glass block tub may be the perfect solution.

Glass blocks can be created in a wide array of configurations including straight, slanting, angled and even curved. They are available in both solid and imprinted glass blocks. But, glass blocks do have their disadvantages. Although they are inexpensive and very easy to install, they do require an adequate amount of working space and can become easily dented or broken. The curved glass blocks, on the other hand, have many advantages over the rectangular variety including a more authentic vintage look, although they may be more difficult to install than the standard glass blocks.