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How to Choose the Right Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney can be a valuable resource when facing any legal matter related to a relationship. While some legal matters can be handled without a lawyer, when there are significant issues at stake such as divorce or child custody, it may be best to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. Choosing the best attorney for your case requires doing research on attorneys with a proven track record. A reputable attorney will be able to provide testimonials from previous clients as well as referrals from independent review sites.

Whether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, a knowledgeable attorney can help you achieve the outcome you want. A divorce can involve a lot of complicated issues such as property division, alimony, and child custody. The best divorce lawyers will be able to help you resolve these issues outside of court. In addition, a good attorney will be able to protect your interests in the event that a trial is required.

When it comes to custody issues, a good attorney can make the difference between obtaining the rights and responsibilities you deserve with your children. The best divorce attorneys will be able to focus on the needs of your children and ensure that you have an opportunity to spend quality time with them. A reputable attorney will also be able to prioritize your children’s needs and ensure that they have access to essential services such as education and health care.

A reputable divorce attorney can also assist you in filing for a modification of your custody or support agreement. It is important to understand that seeking a modification to your child custody or support agreement can be difficult and costly. This is because the courts are often reluctant to change existing orders. However, a seasoned attorney will be able to present a strong case in the courtroom and increase your chances of securing a successful outcome.

Mary Ramos is a skilled family lawyer with a deep understanding of the complexities of these cases. She is a trusted advisor for clients of all backgrounds and can effectively negotiate complex child custody, property settlement, and alimony agreements. She is a member of the State Bar of Texas – Family Law Section and has been recognized as a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters.

Randall Wilhite is a highly respected family law attorney with over 38 years of experience. He has represented a wide range of clientele including high net worth individuals and businesses. He has extensive experience in complex litigation, arbitration, and mediation. He has a deep understanding of financial issues, valuation disputes, and taxation issues. He is a partner at Fullenweider Wilhite and serves as the managing partner of the Houston office. He has extensive experience handling complex property division cases and has expertise in business and real estate. He is also a certified mediator and is committed to alternative dispute resolution. He has been honored as one of the top lawyers in Houston and is a fellow in several international and national academies.