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Leveraging Printed Promotional Materials for Success

The days of a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing are long gone. Today, a successful business needs to embrace a multi-channel strategy that combines the best of both print and online marketing. The key is to focus on print products that add value for your clients and deliver a significant ROI.

The art of printing is a powerful way to communicate your brand and create a memorable experience for your clients. It evokes an emotional response that other marketing mediums simply can’t match. In fact, a recent study found that 82% of consumers trust print advertisements more than any other source.

Whether you’re a large multinational corporation or a local independent business, print is an essential part of your marketing arsenal. This is because printed promotional product create a lasting brand impression and help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

From stylized prospectuses to engaging brochures and viewbooks that entice students to enroll, higher education marketers have a wealth of opportunity to leverage print. But it’s not just what a piece looks like that matters, it’s how it is used and how it fits into the bigger picture of an organization’s overall marketing strategy.

Creating high-impact print pieces is an ideal way to reach the millennial market and capture their attention. Unlike their predecessors, this generation is not tired of receiving promotional mail and welcomes the personal touches that print offers. Whether it is a custom-printed QR code to access an exclusive offer or a personalized note from the institution, these small details make a big difference.

In a world that is becoming more digital by the day, people are craving connection. This is why the latest trends in print marketing are focusing on building brand loyalty and trust through personalization and engagement. Adding a unique and personalized touch to your print marketing helps you stand out from the competition, build relationships with clients and increase sales.

The art of print is an important part of your overall marketing strategy, and you need a partner that understands how to incorporate it into an effective omni-channel campaign. The key is to focus on the elements that will add value to your clients’ lives and help them achieve their goals.

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