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Street-Smart Branding: The Power of Exterior Signage in Marketing

While online marketing is often a top priority for many businesses, brick-and-mortar locations also have plenty of marketing tools at their disposal. One of the most effective and cost-effective of these is signage. Signage serves a variety of important roles, from helping visitors or others find the business to advertising fresh features and new offers.

Signage can take on a range of forms, from simple placards bearing the name of a business to high-profile towering structures like pylon signs or monument signage. Some are designed to grab attention from a distance while others can include lighting to attract customers at night. The goal of all is to communicate quickly and clearly, providing instructions or warnings, promoting products and services, and building brand identity.

A business’s custom business sign is its most visible representation. It’s a chance to build recognition and recall, while conveying the company’s values and offering a glimpse into what people can expect to experience inside. That’s why it’s important to invest in a well-designed sign that will stand out amongst competitors and make the most of this valuable marketing tool.

As technology has advanced, it’s become easy to forget the value of a physical presence. However, a well-designed exterior sign can provide customers with a sense of permanence and legitimacy, reassuring them that your business is here to stay and that they can trust the products or services you offer.

Many businesses make the mistake of skimping on their signage, either believing it’s not as important as other marketing methods or simply overlooking its importance. However, research shows that a business’s signage can play a key role in the customer journey, from attracting potential customers to driving foot traffic. In fact, customers may walk away if they see uninspiring or confusing signage.

Retail stores, in particular, benefit from the power of signage. When placed in areas that are likely to be frequented by local shoppers, a clear storefront can create an impulse buying behaviour. For example, if a store displays a sign communicating a seasonal discount on a popular product, it is likely that customers will be drawn to the offer and will purchase the item.

In addition, when a business customizes its outdoor advertising to align with the cultural nuances and unique characteristics of specific locations, it builds a strong connection with the local audience and further enhances the impact of messaging. For instance, the green shield logo of NVIDIA is instantly recognizable at tech events and in tech stores due to its placement on prominent display. The same principle applies to other types of outdoor signage. Maximize your marketing impact with high-quality, outdoor signage that can be created at any Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC studio near you. Contact your local studio to learn more and get started.